Why you should register with A Bit of Wonder Photography, a newborn photographer in DFW:

When it comes time for your baby shower you’re probably going to get a lot of actual physical items for your new baby. These items will either be used and gone (shampoo and detergents), grown out of (ALL the clothes and diapers), or eventually forgotten (do you honestly remember every gift that was given to you)? This is an opportunity to register for a unique baby gift that even though time will yes be gone, it will be frozen; grown out of, but forever capturing the newness and never forgotten because it provides memories and moments of your newborn baby. That gift is newborn photography with me, a newborn photographer in DFW.

Newborn photos is a once in a lifetime moment you never want to forget. Whether this is your first baby, or your fourth, those first moment’s of your baby’s life are fleeting. Not only are you sleep deprived, but mom brain is real. Before you know it, it’s been 3 months and your tiny 7lb. baby has grown and now weighs 12lb. Where did the time go? Those teeny, tiny fingers and toes will not seem so minute, their little bodies will not squish in a ball anymore and their new fresh baby scent will too quickly be gone. Hold on to these newborn baby memories and moments for a lifetime by registering with me, your favorite newborn photographer in DFW.

Let others help with the investment:

People want to give the best gifts. They want to give gifts that matter to you and that you’ll love. Newborn pictures provide just that, they are the best gifts that usually require an investment by you. Why are they such an investment? Well, your investing in a professional newborn photographer who is trained with safety in mind to take care of your precious baby, the way you would. I take care of your baby as I would my own (I have 4), while taking beautiful lasting memories in the form of pictures and turning them into art you can cherish for years to come. Registering for baby photos can allow other people to help give towards the one gift that you will actually have for a lifetime. So once you have found me, A Bit of Wonder Photography, a newborn photographer in DFW and you know you have to have amazing photos of your newborn baby, contact me and let’s get started working together.

How to register with A Bit of Wonder Photography, a newborn photographer in DFW:

Registering for newborn photos is super easy! After you contact me, your newborn photographer in DFW, I will send you registry cards to add to your baby shower invitations.newborn photographer dfw registry

On your cards is a link to my website, where I offer a customized link that can be found under the registry tab. Your name will be listed under that tab and once they click your name it will take them to a customized ordering site like┬áthis example. You can also use your customized ordering link for your favorite newborn photographer in DFW (A Bit of Wonder Photography) to add it straight to your baby list! Two ways to make sure you get the photos of your dreams of your newborn baby and allowing others to be a part of that gift that’s the most meaningful gift of all. I can’t wait to work with you!