The Process:  How We Work with You and Your Baby as your Fort Worth Newborn Photographer

I have been a Fort Worth newborn photographer for ten years. I have many newborn photography workshops and trainings under my belt as well as hands on experience. Working with families in Fort Worth for newborn photography begins even before your little one arrives. It starts with a phone call. I want you to get to know your newborn photographer in Fort Worth and my process from the beginning. I don’t hold anything back. I want you to be comfortable with me, A Bit of Wonder Photography and confident that you’ll love the images and products we will create together.

After the initial phone call, you will have a design consultation. At this newborn photo design consultation, you get to come in and physically meet me and see my studio and all the props and products I have to offer. We will go over colors you want used, props you are drawn to and even what to wear for your first family photos. We will take a look at all the amazing archival products I carry to tangibly portray your beautiful baby and their newborn session and get an idea of what works best for you. Every family is drawn to something different and my job as your Fort Worth newborn photographer is provide you with the best session, from start to finish completely customizable to you. After this design consultation, you will book your newborn photography session and receive a welcome guide full of information to keep you occupied as you anxiously await the arrival of your new baby.

Fort Worth newborn photographer studio

When to Book the Newborn Photography Shoot

Although babies are unpredictable and not always born on the exact due date as planned, we will still have a general idea from the due date you give us and we capture the newborn photo session within two weeks of life; so we have wiggle room to work with. We also understand that you need a few days to rest, so take your time. I prefer to shoot babies no earlier than four to five days, so no rush. This allows for your milk to come in good if your nursing so baby will be more content when it comes time for your session. It also allows for you and baby to settle in together earth side. It is recommended to have the shoot within the first couple of weeks of your baby’s birth, so we as your Fort Worth newborn photographer can capture those sweet newborn pictures and poses you’ve seen on our Facebook and Instagram and love. Newborn babies are more moldable and also sleep more often during those first couple of weeks, especially in the morning after the unfortunate event of being up during the night. I prefer to shoot in the morning for this very reason. You will receive a preparation guide from me, your Fort Worth newborn photographer before your session with tips and trick on how to make sure baby is sleepy and most cooperative during their session. Babies sleep well at home, undisturbed or held, but my job is to create the newborn portraits you fell in love with and hired me for and so I am constantly moving little fingers and toes, hands and feet to position them in those very poses. It’s very gentle and most babies sleep through it all, although it isn’t an undisturbed sleep, so making sure to follow that guide is key.

Fort Worth newborn photographer posing

What to Expect During the Session with your Fort Worth Newborn Photographer

The newborn photography studio is kept very warm. There is a heater going at all times to make sure baby is comfortable. I have white noise going as well to mimic the sound of being in the womb. I create an atmosphere that is peaceful, calming and relaxing to your new baby and that is how I want you to feel during your shoot as well. I provide a separate room for you to sit in out of the heat, filled with amenities like coffee, snacks, drinks and TV entertainment. I also encourage my parents to take a much needed and probably over due nap during this time or catch up on work or thank you cards. I have this separation from my studio for two reasons, so you (mainly dads) can be comfortable and so baby does not smell mama and want to wake up for her. These rooms are separated by a sliding barn door and you are welcome to peak in on baby at any time!  If you have other children that will be accompanying you to the session, we will start with them and the family photos so you don’t have to worry about their outfits or hair and can truly rest afterwards. I have four children, so don’t worry about your toddlers during the pictures. I have several poses that we can utilize with them and it takes time between some of them if your older children need more time to warm up. The newborn shoot can be long, so sometimes dads like to leave and take the other children home 😉 Then we finish creating the photo magic and memories of your tiny new bundle with the colors and sets you helped design during your design consultation. With my 10 years experience of working with babies, older children and new parents I have thought of all the ways to make sure you have the best experience with me as your Fort Worth newborn photographer.

Fort Worth newborn photographer sibling

After the Newborn Session

When we are finished with your newborn photography session, we will set a date for you to return for your viewing and ordering appointment. This is the BEST part with your Fort Worth newborn photographer, because you get to watch a slideshow of your newborn baby’s pictures and then go through each photo slowly to choose your favorites. I only want you to have the best of the best photos. I want the pictures you choose to tug at your heart strings so you can be proud to display them in your home. The products I have carefully selected allow for you to frame your baby on your wall, place your first family photo on a canvas above your mantel, print and display each image in a shelf frame keepsake box and change it as often as your heart desires or fill an album that you can pass down to your baby one day. My goal is to give you tangible items that will last for over 100 years. Newborn photography is an investment and I want to make sure you have proof of that investment you can be proud to show off for generations to come.

If you have read this blog and enjoy the process of how my newborn photography sessions work and your ready to book, or if you have any other questions, please contact me! I’d love to get to know you and help you create memories and art you will be proud of; after all, it is your little bundle of joy and they do deserve the very best Fort Worth newborn photographer 😉