Two of my most favorite words, “cake” and “smash.” Put them together and you get my most favorite service I offer…a cake smash. If your looking for a cake smash in Fort Worth, then A Bit of Wonder Photography is the way to go! Cake smash sessions are my absolute most favorite way to capture baby’s first birthday, and if you ask me, it’s the most adorable birthday tradition around!

A cake smash session typically looks like this:
– 1 outfit for “clean” portraits
– The smashing of the cake
– Matching bath splash for clean up (optional)

How and When to Plan Your Cake Smash in Fort Worth

The first part of planning your baby’s cake smash session is also the most fun, deciding on a theme! We can style your smash set to match baby’s birthday party or you can choose any color scheme/theme you’d like! If you’re having a hard time coming up with your theme for your cake smash in Fort Worth, we will collaborate and I will help you decide on a theme that fits your family and baby best. No two themes are will be the same, so we will put a unique twist on any theme we decide on together.

If you’d like to use your portraits to display at baby’s birthday party or on the invitation, I recommend having your session take place when baby is 11 months old. This will give you time to receive your prints and order any products that you’d like to display. The further in advance you schedule your session, the more time we have to plan and create an amazing setup and memories.

What I Provide

EVERYTHING! Well almost. As long as you bring the baby I have everything else for the setup :p

  • The unique background of props and setup
  • Helium balloons to match your color scheme if not choosing a theme
  • The cake, cake stand and wooden spoon for more smashing fun
  • An outfit to finish the set

cake smash in Fort Worth cake smash in fort worht

What You Provide

  • An adorable baby 😉
  • Baby’s outfit and headpiece if you have something specific in mind
  • Puffs or other small treats that baby likes
  • Favorite toy/songs
  • A water cup
  • Extra clothes for baby
  • Something you don’t mind getting cake on yourself 🙂

cake smash in fort worth

Tips to Help You Plan for Baby’s Cake Smash in Fort Worth

  • Scheduling: If you’d like to use your portraits to display at baby’s birthday party or on the invitation, I recommend having your session take place when baby is 11 months old. This will give you time to receive your prints and order any products that you’d like to display.
  • Bring snacks: Bring some puffs or small snacks that baby likes! This is a great little trick to help us get some great images even if baby isn’t interested in smashing the cake… we just stick them right into the back of the cake and when baby grabs and eat them it looks like they are eating cake! Also, have a sippy cup or bottle because all that cake/snacks will make baby thirsty.
  • Cake smash prep: if baby hasn’t had any sugar before the session try giving them a small cupcake the day or two before the session on the floor in the kitchen. Eating sugar for the first time and eating on the ground when they are used to being in a high chair is new. Giving them the experience before the session can help provide a more successful smash!
  • Be prepared to participate! Some babies don’t quite get the hang of the cake smash right away so you may need to get your hands into the cake to help them get started. Also, giving them bites lets them know it’s ok to eat it because mom/dad gave it to them, and trust me you won’t be disappointed when you have to lick your own fingers, the cake is amazing! I will also be occupied capturing those memories and angles so when baby crawls/runs away I will need your extra hands to put baby back. 🙂
  • This is going to be messy. Really messy. So be sure to bring an extra outfit for baby and possibly for yourself!
  • Clean up: If you’re doing a splash afterwards, I have baby bubbles and towels at the studio to help clean baby after the cake smash while capturing more fun moments. If you’re not doing a splash, I have towels and baby wipes that clean it all right up.

The biggest tip I can give to any mom planning a cake smash in Fort Worth is to relax. Little ones can sense stress and we want them to come into a happy, positive environment! It’s totally normal to have a lot ideals for your session but remember that baby is the one who is really running the show. Some one year olds truly love smashing the cake and getting covered in icing, and some just don’t like getting messy. If it’s their first time having something sweet like cake they may dislike the taste. It’s totally normal and every baby is different! Don’t get discouraged if we’re not getting the reaction you hoped for… we’re still going to get really beautiful images that capture this huge milestone and show your baby’s personality. And even with all these personalities, you can never tell the difference from one baby to another on my Facebook or Instagram posts thanks to all the tips and tricks from up above!

Regardless of how your little one feels about the cake, pretty much every single smash ends like this, with an icing-covered baby crawling (or running) away!

cake smash in Fort Worth

Let’s Splash After Your Smash

It’s true, alot of babies aren’t a fan of the cake. But, not to jinx anything, but most babies are infatuated with the bathtub. Getting greasy icing all in your toes may not be fun, but everyone loves to splash!

cake smash in Fort Worth

Is Cake Not Baby’s Thing?

No problem! You can bring your little one in to smash anything you’d like. We can do a donut smash, taco smash, watermelon, pasta or anything your baby really loves! The possibilities are endless for a non cake smash in Fort Worth.

donut cake smash in Fort Worth

Got something fun in mind? Reach out and let’s chat!

If you’d like to learn more or schedule a first birthday session for your little one please feel free to explore my site and reach out when you’re ready. I can’t wait to create the most perfect cake smash in Fort Worth.