When you get into photography they tell you to pick a niche, a genre if you will. Become a master, a professional of one type of photography, that way when people find you, you are the professional in that area. But I am coining the phrase/genre of motherhood photographer. I am Chelsea and I am a DFW motherhood photographer.

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Becoming a DFW Motherhood Photographer

Why have I chosen this phrase/genre of photography, being a DFW motherhood photographer and not just a newborn photographer, maternity photographer, family photographer or cake smash photographer? Well I am a mom myself, a mother of four to three boys and one girl. I love being a mom and it’s something I always wanted to do and be. It might be why I find it so easy working with babies, earning the phrase “baby whisperer” and getting even the most shy of kids to participate in sessions. I understand the importance of these photos to the ones who are hiring me…moms.

When I did a rebranding earlier this year, I took a deep look into what I do and what I love. What kept coming up was how much I loved babies, obviously, but how much I loved working with and encouraging my mamas when they came to their sessions. I get to really connect with moms and talk to them during sessions. What I have learned is that we moms need to stick together, we need encouraging, uplifting, support, someone who understands what we are going through and feeling, and someone who just get us because they are a mom. I love being a shoulder to lean on or an ear to listen or words of wisdom to help my moms on this journey of raising kids. So I created a brand, if you will, just for them and I became a DFW Motherhood Photographer. My goal is to be able to provide you with all things photography related, geared towards moms.

What Does Motherhood Photography encompass?

Being a DFW motherhood photographer means capturing the time of becoming a mom and freezing those moments of your growing belly during maternity pictures; whether these are outside or in the studio for GLAM (glowing like a mother) sessions. Talking about the awkward whale rolling you have to do to turn over in bed, the funny cravings we had during our pregnancies and the excitement, yet nervous feelings of will I be enough for the little one about to enter this world or have enough love to give another one…I get you!

maternity photographer dfw    Dfw maternity photographer

Then that sweet baby gets here and exhaustion hits and as your DFW motherhood photographer I take care of all the props and headbands and things need for newborn pictures so all you have to do it bring me that sweet baby and think of nothing else. I also have a separate area with snacks and drinks and COFFEE and a cozy area to catch up on that lost sleep if you desire. I am here for you, to provide you with amazing images of this precious time that will fly by too soon…I got you!

dfw newborn photographer    newborn photographer dfw

Remember that time that was going to fly by too soon?  Well now that sweet baby has been here for an entire year. Maybe you were like me with my first baby and excited for them to have their first taste of sugar when they turn one and can’t wait to see what they do with their cake during their cake smash session. Or maybe your like I was after having four kids and you’ve known they loved sugar since they could hold a sucker and your excited to see them just demolish this cake during their cake smash pictures. Whatever your stance on sugar I’ve been there…I understand you!

Dfw cake smash    dfw cake smash photographer

I guess you didn’t figure out how this process worked or maybe you did and that’s why your family of three is now a family of four, five, maybe six like me, or more! And hopefully I’ve been there during your maternity shoot, newborn photos, cake smash pictures  and your growing family photography because all these things are part of motherhood and being your DFW motherhood photographer I want to be there for every stage and age, a photographer you can grow with. Not a photographer that can only provide you with one set of photos for one moment in your life. But someone you can become friends with, be comfortable with and who can take the guess work out of who will capture this moment of our lives and make the process easy. I hope to get the chance to work with you and your family.

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PS. Overwhelmed by my blessings is an amazing bible study to help uplift and encourage moms. I’ve created a group to do the 12 parts over the next 12 weeks, so if you want to surround yourself with likeminded mothers, I’d love for you to join me, your DFW motherhood photographer!

Week 1-April 11-15