Are you planning a newborn photo session and looking for a newborn photographer in Fort Worth? Here are our five most frequently asked questions—and tips for your newborn photo shoot. Get ready for the best memories and the cutest newborn pictures ever!

What Should Baby Wear?

Unless there is a sentimental or special outfit, don’t worry about how baby is dressed. Even if there is a special outfit, I recommend just bringing it with you and I will change baby when the time comes. A simple onesie or button up is best so we don’t have to pull anything over babies head. (Pro tip from your newborn photographer in Fort Worth: did you know the overlapping edges on the shoulders of a onesie are so if baby has a blow out you can pull it down instead of over baby’s head?) I have a variety of wraps, headbands, outfits, hats, baskets and other props we can utilize throughout the shoot. Also, make sure to keep the diaper loose prior to the session to avoid lines or red marks on the skin. Also, avoid socks which can also often leave marks on the skin.

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How Should I Prepare Before the Session with My Newborn Photographer in Fort Worth?

Make sure to contact me as soon as baby is born! This will give us adequate time to find what works between my schedule and your follow up appointments. The day of the newborn photos if you’re bringing other kiddos/siblings, I suggest coming prepared for the shoot with makeup and hair curled. This way we can start with family and sibling photos and then your other children can either leave with dad, or watch tv and play until the newborn shoot is over. I suggest hair curled because if you want the big fun hair for laying down shots, this looks the best! It also adds dimension to regular family shots and looks better in my opinion.

Also, avoid spicy foods and limit dairy the day before the shoot to avoid gas in baby’s tummy. If your breastfeeding try to feed on demand to allow for some extra feedings leading up to the shoot. Make sure when you leave, baby is not full and that the next feeding is when you arrive at the studio. If you’re supplementing, a bottle is great for day of the shoot but please do not use the day of the shoot to introduce formula as this can be upsetting to their tummies.

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What Props Should I Have on Hand?

Just like with the outfits, unless there is a sentimental or special item/prop you want incorporated into your shoot, then you don’t need to bring a thing! If you see something you like, let us know and we’ll be sure to coordinate it ahead of time. And if you don’t see what you had in mind prop-wise, let us know too. If there is a nursery theme or fun character/idea you want me to do please let me know and leave the ordering to me or check on Etsy for newborn photography outfits. If you find something you like, run it by me before purchasing and please do not purchase any crocheted outfits…these outfits are usually made in china or ordered off Amazon and will not fit your baby properly. I work with a number of amazing vendors who know how to and create items perfectly to fit your newborn and can source just about anything and as your newborn photographer in Fort Worth I can provide everything you need!

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How Should I Prep Baby?

Make sure his/her belly is not full until you arrive at the studio. Most babies fall asleep in the car and feeding baby before getting in the car puts them into a deeper sleep…this means they will be easily awoken when they get here because they have already been in a sound, full, deep sleep. Look at other newborn photos I’ve taken, and you’ll likely see sleeping newborns in most of the shots. I get asked all the time, “how do you get them to pose like that?” Not only do I have 11 years experience as a newborn photographer in Fort Worth but while babies are sleeping so soundly, they naturally fall into the best poses and are more easily able to be adjusted when moving fingers and feet—and that means adorable photos! Their eyes will most likely be open sometime throughout the shoot, so we always try to capture those “waking” moments, too. There is just something about looking into the eyes of a new baby that captures my heart.

Anything Else I Need to Know? 

Honestly, as your newborn photographer in Fort Worth I aim to make this the easiest process and newborn shoot possible. I love to tell my moms, all I need is a cute baby and I provide the rest! I love for my moms to be able to come in, relax, enjoy some snacks and coffee/drinks, watch tv or take a much needed nap. The prep before hand is the most important to ensure a smooth session to allow you to do all of those things. If you want an easy session where you don’t have to worry about a thing then contact me today and lets get to planning the photos you’ve been dreaming about. Likewise if you have any other questions contact me or comment below, I’d love to help!

Congratulations on your new baby and I’d love to be considered to capture these fleeting moments as your newborn photographer in Fort Worth!