Nine months goes by so soon, trust me, it will be faster than you think. I know from my own mommy experience of 4 full term pregnancies! Back whenever I was pregnant with my first baby, maternity pictures was still a very new thing. I think I might have them on a CD somewhere, not sure where I could open those to see them now a days and I posted them to Facebook in this album (don’t judge me…you can laugh, but not too hard, haha). Oh, how I wish I had taken the kinds of maternity photos I take now as your Dallas maternity photographer in my GLAM sessions with amazing lighting and power posing, or even just made an album or had some printed with my newborn photos. Let me convince you why you need this session done.

  1. You may not believe it now when your feeling your largest, but you will want to look back on yourself carrying your little blessing. Your body is so strong and has accomplished a lot in such a small time frame. Not only that, but as your Dallas Maternity Photographer, I want to help you capture your strength and beauty during this time. I know poses, angles, lighting and I have beautiful couture gowns to make you feel your absolute best! My sister never let me take maternity pictures of her. I took a studio maternity workshop and asked, actually begged her to let me use her as a model. When I was done she said, “If I would have know you would make me look like that I would have done them every time.” This was her…Dallas maternity photographer
  2.  One day your child will ask to see these photographs of your pregnant with them. They will want to see you and know it was them inside your belly. They will want you to tell them stories of what it was like being pregnant with them and when you show them, watch their sweet expressions come across their faces, as they light up. Being pregnant is such a gift and there is something so special about sharing these memories and moments with your children one day.
  3. Sometimes, it is hard to remember pregnancy. The term pregnancy brain is a real thing. Your hormones and memory seem to get all out of whack when you’re pregnant. Some pregnant women are sick most of the time, some are exhausted and can’t get comfortable sleeping, all while the months are counting down. After the baby gets here and the lack of sleep does even more of a number on your memory, you will want to look back and see just how incredible you truly are!
  4. Spoil yourself! If anything else you have put in a lot of hard work and many a sleepless night growing and carrying this little life. You deserve to treat yourself! You will look wonderful, even if you don’t feel wonderful and if you do feel wonderful than you already have what it takes to rock out a maternity session with your Dallas maternity photographer. So, get your hair and makeup done, come dress in a beautiful couture gown and feel how beautiful being pregnant really is. Your body is telling a story right now, and you should capture it!

I know you might still be on the fence about booking a maternity session with your Dallas maternity photographer. It might be the last thing on your mind right now with preparing for a big arrival and getting a nursery ready and all the clothes and diapers stock piled ready to go. I get it, I really do. But just like the first moments of newborns are fleeting, so is this. The little hiccups and turns and kicks will soon be gone and your baby will be in your arms and this is a beautiful time in your life, I promise you will want to remember! 

Dfw maternity photographer newborn photographer in Fort Worth

If your ready to make a move and get some amazing maternity photos with your Dallas maternity photographer than contact me and let’s get this ball rolling! And if you’re early in the planning process than don’t forget to register for newborn pictures as well. It’s a great way to allow others to give towards these amazing moments and memories, a gift that keeps giving!